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Data reuse for epidemiology

Grégoire Ficheur (Lille, France)

Objectif : Reuse, or secondary use, of data concerns the use of clinical data for a different purpose than the one for which it was originally collected. The data being reused are usually those owned by hospitals and health systems - large databases containing administrative, claims, and patient health data.

Oftentimes this data is reused for research and applications in quality of care and patient safety. Techniques relying on the reuse of data are in opposition to conventional clinical research using data collected prospectively using pre-defined cohorts.

Achieving reliable data reuse is a challenge worthy of our time and research, allowing for the identification of patients of interest for retrospective research (electronic phenotyping). To date, most of the research projects have mainly used structured data. The search for predictive elements in Electronic Health Record (EHR) requires a focus on structured data, but also on unstructured data such as free text, and changes over time in various parameters such as laboratory results.

EHR data is huge (and therefore has a high statistical power), can be used without interfering with patient care, and is real data that can play a central role within a learning healthcare system.