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Cas Uniques expérimentaux (SCED) pour évaluer l'efficacité des interventions en MPR

agata krasny-pacini (Illkirch, France)

Objectif : Single-Case experimental designs (SCED) are experimental designs aiming at testing the effect of an intervention using a small number of patients (typically one to three), using repeated measurements, sequential (± randomized) introduction of an intervention and method-specific data analysis, including visual analysis and specific statistics. 

Matériel/Patients et méthodes : The aim of this communication is to familiarise professionals working in different fields of rehabilitation with SCEDs and provide practical advice on how to design and implement a SCED in clinical rehabilitation practice.

Résultats : Research questions suitable for SCEDs and the different types of SCEDs (e.g., alternating treatment designs, Nof 1 trials and multiple baseline designs) are reviewed.

Discussion - Conclusion : The utility of SCEDs in physical and rehabilitation medicine (PRM), ethics, SCED research reglementary issues are discussed. Finally an attempt to position SCED within the large choice of methods available in PRM will allow discussion in this controversial field.

Mots clés : Single case, methods, personnalized, N of 1 trail, multiple baseline