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Le 19/01/2022 de 01:15 à 01:15

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Comment mesurer l'inclinaison de l'écriture et du dessin post-AVC : approche méthodologique

Flora Diaine (, ), Rémi Lafitte (, ), Olivier Carré (, ), Dai Shenhao (, ), Anaïs Verdier (, ), Céline Piscicelli (, ), Dominic Pérennou (, )

Objective : Tilted writing and drawing are frequent after right-hemisphere stroke, and should be more systematically quantified. This study aimed to implement valid and reliable tools and criteria to quantify and diagnose post-stroke tilted writing and drawing, determinants of which are analysed in the companion abstract.

Keywords : Right-hemisphere stroke; verticality representation; spatial dysgraphia; tilted writing; normality ranges