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Facteurs prédictifs du succès de l'infiltration épidurale par la voie du hiatus sacro-coccygien

Rihab 22 (Sousse, Tunisie), Dhouha Khelifa (Sousse, Tunisie), Mariem Gaddour (Sousse, Tunisie), Leila Hamadou (Sousse, Tunisie), Sawsen laayouni (Sousse, Tunisie), Waalid Ouanes (Sousse, Tunisie), Sonia Jemni (Sousse, Tunisie)

Objective : In this study, we studied the success factors of infiltration through the sacrococcygeal hiatus.

Material / Patients and Methods : This is a retrospective study on patients treated with epidural infiltration through the sacrococcygeal hiatus for the past 5 years. Efficacy was defined as an improvement of at least 50% in pain.


Results : 30 patients were recruited: 22 women and 8 men of average age 53 years +/- 15 years. the symptomatology was L5 or S1 lumbosciatica in 66% of cases.
The effectiveness of the infiltration on radiculalgia was observed in 63.3% of cases in the first week, 50% of cases in the 3rd month and in 50% of cases in the 6th month.  Short-term were the amount of physiological saline (p = 0.014), the unilateral site (p = 0.003), the presence of radicular syndrome (p = 0.003), disc etiologies (p = 0.003) and the use of NSAIDs (p = 0.042). Neuropathic pain (p = 0.003) and depression (p = 0.011) were associated with short-term infiltration failure. In the medium term, factors were the unilateral site (p = 0.003), the presence of radicular syndrome (p = 0.004), disc etiologies (p = 0.024), the use of NSAIDs (p = 0.042) and the high infiltration number (p = 0.05). Neuropathic pain (p = 0.003), spondylolisthesis (0.024), anxiety (p = 0.003), depression (p = 0.011), were associated with failure of medium-term infiltration.

Discussion - Conclusion : The factors associated with the effectiveness of this infiltration are multiple and include psychological factors, factors related to pain, its duration and causal mechanism, and therapeutic factors.

Keywords : Low back pain; infiltration, hiatus, corticosteroid