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Le 19/01/2022 de 01:16 à 01:16

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Une tâche de suivi de trajectoire circulaire pour quantifier l'intégration sensorimotrice chez les personnes ayant subi un AVC?

Tifenn Fauviaux (, ), Germain Faity (, ), Karima Bakhti (, ), Isabelle Laffont (, ), Jérome Froger (, ), Denis Mottet (, )

Objective : About two-thirds of stroke victims suffer from persistent functional limitations of their paretic upper limb. Stroke limits the capacity of the central nervous system to integrate sensory inputs for the execution of specific voluntary movement in response to task demands. Functional limitations are usually quantified with clinical scales, but it is unclear how clinical scores relate to the integration of sensory feedback into motor control loops. Here, we use a circular steering task to probe the efficacy continuous visuomotor feedbacks in goal-oriented behaviours with the goal of finely quantifying sensorimotor impairment in individuals with stroke.

Keywords : Stroke; Sensorimotor integration; Rehabilitation; Steering task