Le 19/01/2022 de 00:47 à 00:47

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Silver Index : un nouvel outil pour prédire et traiter le risque de chute chez les personnes âgées

Cella Alberto (, ), De Luca Alice (, ), Valentina Squeri (, ), Vallone Francesco (, ), Garofalo Valentina (, ), Senesi Barbara (, ), Zigoura Ekaterini (, ), Pilotto Alberto (, )

Objective : Falls in the elderly are a major public health concern. The early identification of older adults at risk of falling is crucial to develop tailored interventions to prevent falls. This prospective study validates a multifactorial fall-risk model based on clinical and robotic parameters in older adults. Based on these results, we propose a method to tailor the intervention on assessed performances.

Keywords : fall risk, elderly people, robotic rehabilitation