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Efficacité d'un programme d'activité physique personnalisé sur la qualité de vie après cancer ou hémopathie maligne

Virgile Pinelli (Toulouse, France), Antoine CORDIVAL (Toulouse, France), Pierre Cerutti (Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, France, France), Yann Darolles (Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, France, France), Camille Cormier (Toulouse, France)

Objectif : Post-cancer rehabilitation reduces the impact of treatment‐related dysfunctions. Home based physical activity (HBPA) could be a convenient and safe option, today more than before, considering current Covid-19 pandemic. Our aim was to share our experience about impact of home based physical activity on quality of life (QoL) beyond cancer.

Matériel/Patients et méthodes : All 83 patients of this retrospective study had a standardized evaluation including cardio-pulmonary exercise testing (CPET) at the Rehabilitation Unit of Toulouse Oncological University Institute (IUCT-RU) between 2016 and 2019. They integrated a 12 weeks HBPA program supervised by an "adaptated physical activity" (APA) teacher. Initial sessions were patient-tailored using CPET data. Further sessions were weekly adapted by the APA teacher, based on patients feedback. Data about QoL and physical performance were regularly collected.

Résultats : Median weekly observance was over instructions at week 4 (W4), W8 and W12. There is a significant improvement of mental (MCS) and physical components (PCS) scales of SF-36, respectively from 43,2 to 50,3 (p<.05) and from 41,8 to 49,5 (p<.05), and a significant improvement of physical capacity.
About 70% improved PCS over minimal clinically important difference (MCID), and 62% improved MCS over MCID.
No considerable adverse effect was registered.

Discussion - Conclusion : Home based patient tailored rehabilitation program based on physical activity seems to be effective on physical and moral components of quality of life, on self-perceived health status, and on aerobic capacity. It seems to be safe and could be cost-saving. Further prospective studies should be designed to continue.

Mots clés : Quality Of Life, Respiratory Rehabilitation, Physical Activity, Cancer, Malignant Hemopathy

Liens d'intérêts : No conflict of interest to declare