Douleurs et confort chez l'enfant en situation de handicap SOFMER / SFERHE 2

Le 16/10/2021 de 09:00 à 11:00

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Limitations d'activités et restrictions de participation des enfants en situation de handicap pour lesquelles une solution innovante pourrait être utile : une enquête nationale.

Margot Thépot (Marseille, France), Christelle Pons (Brest, France), Maxime Bourgain (Sceaux, France), Sylvain Brochard (Brest, France), Johanne Mensah (Brest, France)

Objectif : This study aimed at evaluating the activity limitations and participation restrictions of children and youth with disabilities for which an innovative solution could be useful, thanks to an online survey.

Matériel/Patients et méthodes : This online survey was promoted nationally through SFERHE from March to December 2019. It was addressed in three versions to children with disabilities, their families and professionals who care about them. Responders were asked to tick the most difficult situations in a list of activities of daily life and participation situations. Secondly, responders were invited to precise or describe a difficult situation, then a wished/used solution. Closed questions were analysed with frequency analysis. Open answers were coded manually using content analysis.

Résultats : On the 1005 French answers, 140 were from persons with disabilities, 488 from relatives and 377 from professionals. The most frequently quoted item was “doing sports” (57,5%); followed by “going out of the house” (56%); respectively reinforced in the answers to open questions by difficulties such as “the need for inclusive sport” and “the lack of school accessibility”; and by wished solutions such as “an universal solution to track a wheelchair with a bike” and “a solution for the automated opening of buildings doors”. A classification with 30 themes and 250 axial codes, and 46 themes and 372 axial codes was developed for difficulties and solutions respectively.

Discussion - Conclusion : In this survey, both general and children-specific themes emerged; as well as work tracks for engineers we collaborate with to develop innovative solutions.

Mots clés : survey, innovative solutions, participation, activity