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Le 19/01/2022 de 00:33 à 00:33

Retour Session


Comparaison de quatre indices de fluidité du mouvement lors de la réalisation de mouvements du membre supérieur chez des sujet sains et parkinsoniens.

Andrés Samaniego (, ), Clara Michallet (, ), Nicolas Bayle (, ), Emilie Hutin (, ), Jean-Michel Gracies (, )

Objective : It has been shown that bradykinesia in people with Parkinson's disease (PD) differs from mimed bradykinesia by a reduced fluidity of movement. There are many biomechanical index for measuring movement smoothness, but only a few have been applied in the clinical assessment of patients with PD. We have compared smoothness between healthy subjects and parkinsonian subjects at a moderate stage of their disease through four biomechanical index (NPZ, NARJ, LDLJ or SPARC) in shoulder flexions-extension movements at different speed, hypothesizing a superiority of SPARC over the other index.

Keywords : smoothness - Parkinson - SPARC