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Volume musculaire du multifidus, établi par échographie en 3D: résultats préliminaires d’une étude de fiabilité concernant les personnes souffrant de lombalgie

Sofie Dierckx (Leuven, Belgique), Sofie Rummens (Leuven, Belgique), Anna Vanmechelen (Leuven, Belgique), Zafeiris Louvaris (Leuven, Belgique), Koen Peers (Leuven, Belgique), Kaat Desloovere (Leuven, Belgique), Simon Brumagne (Leuven, Belgique)

Objective : Impairment of the lumbar multifidus has been associated with segmental instability and the pathogenesis of low back pain. However, the relation between macroscopic degeneration of the multifidus and low back pain remains unclear. This may be explained by the use of single-level cross-sectional measurements that do not represent the entire muscle. Therefore, we aim to establish the inter- and intra-rater reliability of a 3D freehand ultrasound system (3DfUS) for the assessment of back muscles (multifidus) in people with low back pain.

Material / Patients and Methods : 3DfUS is achieved by combining conventional 2D ultrasound with a synchronized motion-tracking system that defines the ultrasound probe position and orientation. Data was collected with Stradwin software, which interpolates the 3DfUS data after manual segmentation of 10% of the images to a displayable anatomical 3D image. To evaluate intra- and interrater reliability, 3DfUS images were acquired twice, by two alternating investigators within the same session.

Results : Data collected in 10 patients with low back pain (mean multifidus volume= 92.65±16.07ml) showed excellent intra-rater reliability (ICC 0.93, 95% CI 0.83-0.97; SEM 4.67ml, MDC 12.92ml) and good interrater reliability for imaging processing (ICC 0.73, 95% CI 0.41-0.89; SEM 8.00ml; MDC 22.16 ml).

Discussion - Conclusion : The repeatability indices for 3DfUS assessments and processing are promising. Yet, the observed processing errors suggest that repeated 3DfUS measures in clinical studies should be performed by the same assessor, until processing guidelines are improved.

Keywords : Low back pain, multifidus, 3D freehand ultrasound

Disclosure of interest : This work was supported by a grant of The Research Foundation – Flanders (FWO). Sofie Dierckx is PhD fellow of the FWO.