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Le 16/10/2021 de 09:00 à 10:30

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Impact du froid et de la chaleur sur la temperature cutanée sur la performance manuelle lors d'exercices de maniabilité chez des joueurs de foot-fauteuil.

Aurelien Vandenbergue (Amiens, France), Said Ahmaidi (Amiens, France), Weissland Thierry (Bordeaux, France)

Objective : Evaluate the impact of cold and heat conditions on manual performance during maneuverability exercises in powerchair soccer players. 

Material / Patients and Methods : Ten volunteers with heterogeneous pathologies engaged in FIPFA competitions participated in the study. The assessments consisted of carrying out a computer maneuverability path before and after immersion of upper limb in cold water (8°C); before and after exposure to heat (hair-dryer). The skin temperature (hand and forearm) perceptive scales (thermal sensation and comfort, effort, pain) were also measured.

Results : Conditions did not significantly impact mean test result ( HC = +5.3 boxes;  CC = -6.3 boxes; p>0.05) but some subject were highly impacted with cold condition. A slight downward trend was observed for the cold and a slight upward for the heat. The cold and heat influenced the skin temperature of the hand and forearm, the thermal sensation and the thermal comfort of the players in contrast to the perception of effort and pain (hand after HC = +5.9°±3.9°C, hand after CC = -11°±1.4°C ; forearm after HC = +1.9°±1.0°C , forearm after CC = -0.6°±0.7°C ; p<0.05).

Discussion - Conclusion : Our results lead to believe that a warm environment and the reheating method would be beneficial for the manual performance.

Keywords : Power soccer, thermoregulation, cold, heat, maneuverability.