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Identification des objectifs chez les patients souffrant de douleur chronique : une enquête européenne.

Ann De Smedt (Jette, Belgique), Lisa Goudman (Jette, Belgique), Bengt Linderoth (Stockholm, Suede), Sam Eldabe (Middlesbrough, Angleterre), Richard Witkam (Nijmegen, Paysbas), Dylan Henssen (Nijmegen, Paysbas), Maarten Moens (Jette, Belgique)

Objective : Chronic pain is a major healthcare issue that often requires an interdisciplinary treatment approach. Defining relevant treatment goals is one of the crucial steps in creating successful rehabilitation schemes. Therefore, the first aim is to explore goals that patients suffering from chronic pain aim to achieve. The second aim is to translate those goals into measurable functional outcome variables which can be used to measure treatment success.

Material / Patients and Methods : An online survey was developed and spread through local pain alliances in six European countries. Participants, patients suffering from chronic pain, were asked to report their most important goals, combined with a rank to denote the importance of each goal. For the highest ranked goals, participants were asked to decompose their goal into functional postures and the number of minutes per posture to achieve this goal.

Results : We approached 1494 persons, of which 487 effectively completed this survey. The highest ranked goals were taking part in family and social activities (72.55%), pain reduction (91.18%) and household tasks (68.14%). Obtaining pain reduction was most often ranked first (55.75%), followed by improving sleep (12.25%) and taking part in family or social activities (11.00%). For all goals, walking was a crucial component.

Discussion - Conclusion : Goals of chronic pain patients are in line with previously explored expectations, denoting the importance of achieving pain relief combined with improvements on the level of activities and participation. This survey indicates that rehabilitation programs should definitely focus on improving walking ability, due to its importance in underpinning overall goal achievement.

Keywords : Survey; goal identification; chronic pain; rehabilitation

Disclosure of interest : Sam Eldabe has received consulting fees from Medtronic, Mainstay Medical, and Saluda Medical. His department has received research funding from Medtronic, Nevro and Boston Scientific. Bengt Linderoth serves as a consultant to Medtronic, St Jude/Abbott, Boston Sci and Elekta AB. Maarten Moens has received speaker fees from Medtronic and Nevro. STIMULUS received research grants from Medtronic. There are no other conflicts of interests to declare.