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Implémentation d’un protocole de thérapie par activité physique adapté pour les patients souffrant d’une lombalgie chronique

adel Belkadi (Mostaganem, Algerie), yassine zenati (Mostaganem, Algerie), abdelkader benchehida (Mostaganem, Algerie), mohamed sebbane (Mostaganem, Algerie), lalia cherara (Mostaganem, Algerie), abdelkader zemour (Mostaganem, Algerie)

Objective : Objective: This study set out to investigate the usefulness of an adapted physical activity (APA) protocol to improve pain and functional capacity through structured adapted exercises to muscular capacity on patients in a Functional Restoration program.

Material / Patients and Methods : Material and methods: 83 patients, aged between 19-63, who accepted to be included in this study and diagnosed as chronic low back pain. All patients were randomly divided into 2 groups: 1(EG) and 1 (CG) adapted physical activity group (n=42) and control group (n=41). in addition to medical and exercise therapy, while the control group (CG) was treated with medical and exercise therapy alone. All patients (including the control group) underwent a standard physiotherapy program consisting of low back training and spine strengthening and stabilization exercises. The patients were treated for a total of 12 weeks, 3 sessions per week. The level of pain severity of the participants was determined by Visual Pain Scale (VAS). Oswestry Disability Index for functional evaluation; Low Back Pain Disability Index (LBPDI). These assessments were performed at the beginning and end of the 12- week treatment program.

Results : Results: We found statistically significant differences in both groups between the before-treatment and after-treatment results in terms of all evaluation parameters in patients with chronic low back pain.

Discussion - Conclusion : Conclusion: Conclusion: In line with our study results, we anticipate that the planned physiotherapy and adapted physical activity (APA) protocol will reduce the health expenditures by finding a solution option for chronic low back pain commonly seen in societies.

Keywords : adapted physical activity, Protocol, chronic low back pain.