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Le 15/10/2021 de 13:30 à 14:00

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L’application de vibration sur les muscles du cou peut-elle modifier l’exploration visuelle d’œuvres d’art? étude pilote en milieu écologique

Jamal Karim (Rennes, France), Noémie Duclos (Bordeaux, France), Isabelle Bonan (Rennes, France), Cyril Duclos (Montréal, Canada), Frédérique Poncet (Montréal, Canada)

Objective : to determine whether the application of unilateral neck muscles vibration (NMV) alters visual exploration while looking at a work of art and whether the task of exploration affects postural responses to vibration.

Material / Patients and Methods : During a visit to the Montreal Museum, 17 healthy people wore an eye tracking occulometric system and an accelerometer placed in the lumbar region to measure posture. Positioned in front of 3 different paintings, the participants had to search for predefined elements for each painting. The exploration was carried out randomly, firstly without vibration and thereafter with either right or left NMV. A postural control task (standing position, without visual test, both with and without vibration) was also performed.

Results : 75% of the participants experienced a deviation of exploration under NMV but with small amplitude and without specific direction (p=0.7). Significant increase in postural responses were found between the condition with and without exploration probably due to the methodology. Visual exploration did not affect postural responses to vibration as no difference was found on postural responses between the vibrations conditions and the control.

Discussion - Conclusion : Demonstrating the effects of a bottom-up intervention during an ecological task and in a natural environment is a real challenge. The results of this pilot study, although carried out on a limited number of participants are indeed encouraging. NMV should be tested in a population with disorders of visual exploration such as patients with hemineglect. The effects could be enhanced in these populations who have an altered attention system.

Keywords : visual exploration, neck muscles vibration, postural responses, ecological situation, museum

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