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Prévalence des troubles pelvi-périnéaux chez les patients présentant un canal lombaire rétréci : étude exploratoire

Thomas Desegaulx (Bordeaux, France), Claire Delleci (Bordeaux, France), Olivier Gille (Bordeaux, France), Mathieu De-Seze (Bordeaux, France), Emmanuelle Cugy (La Teste de Buch, France)

Objective : Lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS) is at risk of acute but also "chronic" cauda equina syndrome (CCES). This syndrome corresponds to symptoms of the lower limbs associated with urination, bowel, sexual disorders and saddle paresthesias and/or pain. They can be permanent or triggered by standing and/or walking.
Nevertheless, frequency of CCES in LSS is not know. We proposed to explore prevalence of pelvi-perineal disorders (PPD) in patients who underwent epidural injection for LSS.

Material / Patients and Methods : A retrospective cohort study was conducted in an universitary hospital. Inclusion criterias were aged over 18 years, LSS diagnosis, epidural injection by sacrococcygeal route between November 2018 and February 2020. Primary endpoint was PPD prevalence, defined by Urinary Symptom Profil score, or positive answer to dichotomized questions about bowel dysfunction, sexual disorders, perineal pain andd/or paresthesias. Secondary endpoint was prevalence of patients questioned about possible PPD by the physician prescribing the injection. 

Results : Sixty-one patients (32 men, mean age 69 +/- 10,9 years) were included. The prevalence of PPD was 83,6% (51/61). Their association was shown in the figure. Genito-sexual disorders are reported only in sexually active patients, i.e. 37 patients. None of the 61 patients was questioned about the possible existence of PPD by the physician prescribing the epidural injection. 

Discussion - Conclusion : Despite a high sensitivity and low specificity of PPD definition in our study, since no patient has been directly questioned about PPD by the injection prescriptor, we can hypothesie that PPD are under-evaluated in the usual follow-up of patients with LSS. 

Keywords : Lumbar spinal stenosis, Cauda equina syndrom, Epidural injection, Lower urinary tract symptoms, Intermittent claudication