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Le 14/10/2021 de 11:00 à 11:30

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L'ostéoplastie de retournement tibial selon Van Nes en oncologie pédiatrie : un changement de paradigme ?

Laurie Ellias (, ), Antoine Cordival (, ), Marie Nolla (, ), Virgile Pinelli (, )

Objective : Pediatric bone cancers are rare but disabling. Conservative surgery is not always possible. If the tumor is near the knee, type A Van-Nes rotation-osteoplasty (A/VNRO) allows to use ankle as a neo-knee. Thus, the patient use transtibial prosthetis instead of transfemoral. This study aim is to look if this 70 years old surgery is still topical in 2021.

Keywords : rotationplasty child oncology rehabilitation