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Le 19/01/2022 de 00:10 à 00:10

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Description du premier cas de syndrome douloureux régional complexe limité à l'hallux à l'aide des critères de Budapest.

Audrey Wetzel (, ), Michel Konzelmann (, ), Sylvie Revaz (, ), François Luthi (, )

Objective : Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) typically affects the extremities (hand and foot) and is characterised by persistent regional pain, disproportionate to the initial event. The signs and symptoms associated with CRPS are defined by the 2010 Budapest Criteria. More localised forms of CRPS are rarer, less described and probably overlooked. Various terms have been used in the literature to describe the latter without reaching a consensus (partial, radial, focal, segmental or zonal CRPS) adding confusion and lack of knowledge about this condition.

Keywords : Complex Regional Pain Syndrome , Syndrome douloureux régional complex, algodystrophie, localisé, hallux, critères de Budapest

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