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Prévention et prise en charge des commotions cérébrales dans le sport : état des lieux des connaissances et pratiques parmi les acteurs de terrain

Géraldine Martens (Liège, Belgique), Jean-François Kaux (Liège, Belgique), Aurore Thibaut (Liège, Belgique), Philippe Tscholl (Genève, Suisse), Axel Urhausen (Luxembourg, Luxembourg), Sébastien Le Garrec (Paris, France), Suzanne Leclerc (Montréal, Canada)

Objective : Sport-related concussions (SRC) impact the practice of numerous athletes. Their appropriate management involves education and prevention among all field stakeholders including physicians, coaches and athletes themselves. This multicentric cross sectional survey aims to assess the current state of knowledge and practice regarding SRC (diagnosis, treatment, return to play) within the French-speaking sports community in order to tailor the prevention approaches.

Material / Patients and Methods : An online survey (~ 15 minutes) was sent to athletes, sports healthcare professionals, and coaches through the ReFORM network. The survey was available for three months and monthly reminders were sent.

Results : 2072 participants took part in the survey and 1704 finished it (completion rate: 82%). The sample included 48% of athletes, 33% of coaches and 19% of healthcare professionals. The main countries represented were France (35%), Canada (32%) and Belgium (12%). The preliminary analyses reported a SRC knowledge self-assessment as “good” or “excellent” in 87% of healthcare professionals and 69% of coaches; while more than 40% of athletes rated their knowledge as “poor” or “none”. Only 17% of athletes reported knowing about a SRC education programme in their setting against 63% for healthcare professionals and 45% for coaches. Regarding coaches, 54% do not feel having sufficient professional resources to correctly manage a SRC over the return to sports continuum.

Discussion - Conclusion : There seems to be a great interest from field stakeholders reflected by the completion rate. These preliminary results show a discrepancy in the level of SRC knowledge and the access to educational resources between athletes, coaches and healthcare professionals.

Keywords : sport-related consussion; field practice; education

Disclosure of interest : None to declare