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Fiabilité et validité de la position assise instable évaluée par les paramètres du centre des pressions pour des personnes après un accident vasculaire cérébral : résultats intermédiaires

Anne-Violette Bruyneel (Carouge, Suisse), Aline Reinmann (Carouge, Suisse), Caroline Sordet (Genève, Suisse), Pablo Venturelli (Genève, Suisse), Irmgard Feldmann (Genève, Suisse), Armin Schnider (Genève, Suisse), Emmanuel Guyen (Genève, Suisse)

Objective : The assessment of the sitting balance on a stabilometric platform allows the analysis of trunk control after a stroke. The aim was to assess the reliability (intra- and inter-rater) and the validity of center of pressure (CP) parameters measured during unstable sitting (anterioposterior - AP or mediolateral - ML) for individuals after stroke.

Material / Patients and Methods : To be included, subjects had to have a stroke (<6 months) and be hospitalized. A seesaw was positioned on a stabilometric platform. While sitting for 10 seconds (AP or ML – 2 trials), CP was measured at 100Hz frequency. Intra-class correlation indices (ICC) were calculated for all CP parameters (total displacement, speed, surface, deltas and variability). Validity was tested by correlating the CP parameters with the Modified Functional Reach test (MFRT), the Balance Assessment in sitting and Standing Position (BASSP) and the trunk strength test.

Results : CP total displacement and speed showed excellent reliability (0.81 ≤ ICC ≤ 0.98) for intra and inter-rater. The surface (0.31 ≤ ICC ≤ 0.80) does not appear to be reliable enough for use in clinical practice. Validity showed that the CP total displacement was negatively correlated with the trunk strength and MFRT.

Discussion - Conclusion : Following stroke, the assessment of unstable seated balance on a stabilometric platform is sufficiently reliable for use in clinical practice for both CP total displacement and speed parameters.  Given the links between trunk control and functional standing ability, this test should be integrated into the treatment strategy.

Keywords : Stroke - reliability - validity - trunk control - center of pressure

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