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Répérage échographique des muscles scalènes, sub clavier et petit pectoral dans la prise en charge du syndrome du défilé cervicothoracique par injection de toxine botulique

Jérémie Bordes (Limoges, France), Julie Péroua-Viault (Périgueux, France)

Objectif : Several studies have evaluated the interest of botulinum toxin injections of the scalenus, pectoralis minor and subclavius muscles in the thoracic outlet syndrome. In order to avoid damaging the surrounding noble structures (carotid, brachial plexus, thyroid...) the injections are performed under ultrasound guidance.

Matériel/Patients et méthodes : For the identification of the muscles a standard ultrasound scanner with a high frequency linear probe (>15Mhz) is used.

Résultats :  

The anterior and medius scalenus muscles are located on either side of the brachial plexus and behind the sternocleidomastoideus.

The pectoralis minor inserts from the coracoid process to the anterior surface of the 3rd, 4th and 5th ribs. A sagittal view is made of the muscle which lies between the pectoralis major muscle situated on the surface of the ribs and the pleura at depth.

The subclavius muscle extends from the clavicle to the first rib. It can be identified by making a sagittal view by placing the probe directly under the clavicle.

Discussion - Conclusion : Ultrasound identification of these muscles allows the injections to be carried out in complete safety.

Mots clés : ultrasound guided injection scalenius subclavier pectoralis minor

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